Logistic Solutions from End to End

MASA LOGISTICS is a comprehensive supply chain management company providing transportation, warehousing,freight forwarding and project management services to a variety of global industries.


MASA LOGISTICS knows when running your business, you need a freight shipping provider who can handle the many types of circumstances you might encounter. Some shipments need to be moved quickly for next day delivery while some might be difficult to package and transport. Others might require special delivery.
MASA LOGISTICS will find you the ideal combination of carrier and service enhancements to ensure your needs are met and items arrive safe, all while saving you time and money. We can even help determine the correct freight class for items you’re moving to ensure proper pricing and give you some packaging tips for those difficult shipments. Simply put, we’ll handle every aspect of the freight shipping process for you, leaving you more time to concentrate on growing other aspects of your business.

As a reliable service provider in air freight solutions, MASA LOGISTICS brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


Whenever you need international or domestic transportation services for business in Dubai and Middle East, then MASA LOGISTICS has always been the number # 1 choice. Our professional air freight services ensure timely and safe delivery of your goods

Worldwide Destinations

No matter where or when you want to send your air cargo, we can do it.

24/7 Customers support

Providing 24/7 customers support ensuring you to get the latest update about your cargo.

Time Management

Doing the needed work to save time and cost for your cargo, providing you with the best time management to serve your needs.

Cargo Reachability

All data on time, cargo reachability in its best mood.

As a reliable service provider in sea freight solutions, MASA LOGISTICS brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


At MASA LOGISTICS, we have complete up-to-date database of world first class vessel operators for our maritime services.
We always make sure to match your cargo to the best ocean carrier available regardless of your cargo size or port of destination

Open / Close continers

No matter if you need close or open container, LCL or FCL we will be there to make it happen.

Transportation on time and with care

Obtaining the proper and needed transportation method to serve your cargo is our passion.

Valuable cargo handling

We can handle valuable cargo in professional and cost effective way.

Keeping your business up to speed

Knowing you can deliver a shipment to your customers — wherever they are, whenever they need it is a confidence booster and a business builder. That’s why, at MASA LOGISTICS, we continually hone our delivery routes to shave off hours — even days.